Splash Protector Specially Designed For Use In Car And Taxi

  • Very Quick And Easy Installation – It takes no more than 15 minutes to install it.
  • Fits In All Cars – 100% compability with all vehicles.
  • More Safe – Soft material more safer than hard PVC.
  • Better Hygiene – Very easy to remove and wash it.
  • Affordable Price – The low cost makes easy to buy and no need of big investment.
  • Made In Germany

All In One Kit Solution

The Splash Protector Kit includes all the components you need for installation to your car plus 2 pcs flexible pvc sheets 140x40cm.

All parts are carefully designed to fit in any car and from best quality materials.

Kit includes:

  1. Two base arms.
  2. Two pvc holder arms.
  3. Two pcs flexible pvc 140X40cm.
  4. Six screws 12mm long Black.
  5. Eight screws 16mm long Silver.

Easy Installation Just In 3 Steps



Use the pvc holder arms to fit the pvc sheet like the picture above.



Use the base holder to fit it to the seat head base and then connect it with the pvc holder part.


Install the two parts connected to the back of the seat like the picture on the right.


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